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Your commitment to grow your business and desire to give back to the community can coexist and even strengthen one another. Doing good can help you achieve your bottom line while also providing a meaningful benefit to your community.

Local businesses fuel the economy and serve as the heart of our communities, creating a great combination to make the world a better, kinder place. seedership empowers local business owners with the tools, data and connections to make doing good easier, faster and more engaging.

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Turn doing good from something nice to do to a market differentiator, delivering positive returns to your business and community.

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seedership® is a social impact and community storytelling platform  to differentiate and grow by expanding connections with your community.

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The Power of Kindness

Kindness is sometimes underestimated. But did you know it has been scientifically proven to improve your well-being?

Kindness increases your energy, boosts your immune system and improves concentration while lowering your blood pressure and reducing anxiety. It slows down the aging process and extends life spans. The perks don’t stop there. The person receiving the good deed is also elevated and motivated to “pay it forward” by helping someone else. Even those simply witnessing an act of kindness are moved by the experience and inspired to do something. That’s why it’s been said that kindness is contagious: A single act can start a chain reaction of giving far beyond the original act.

So how can you help make the world a better place? Share your acts of kindness. You never know what ripple effect you might start.  

The power
of kindness

Tell your
community story

Tell your community story

Consumers’ social norms are shifting, and purchase decisions are increasingly motivated not only by price and product but by purpose. Across all generations, more and more consumers believe companies have a responsibility to drive social change. In fact two-thirds of consumers are willing to pay extra, and more than half are willing to drive farther to support businesses committed to positive social change.  

So why keep your social-good efforts a secret? Make the good you do transparent. Consumers want to contribute to making the world a better place, and they use their wallets to reward businesses that help them achieve that.

Local focus drives
big impact

Local focus drives big impact

Local businesses make up 99 percent of all businesses in the country, contribute nearly half of the total U.S. GDP and create two of every three net new jobs. They produce jobs, spark innovation and drive local reinvestments. There is nothing small about their economic contributions. Local businesses also have big hearts when it comes to their communities. It’s where they live, work and play, after all. That’s why 75 percent of them donate an average of six percent of their profits to charities each year.

We know you have a full plate, and every dollar and minute spent represents a valuable asset. Do you know how much you give back? Are you getting the full potential on this investment?

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About the Team

We started with one goal – to make the world a better place.  Our careers in the corporate world were satisfying, but we felt a need to contribute to a greater purpose. We began serving on nonprofit boards and volunteering for various charitable organizations. This left us wanting to see the impact of donating our time or resources and wondering if there was a different way to contribute.

We explored a lot of questions. Who are the stewards of change in the local community?  What could we do to make kindness more visible? Was it possible to transform doing good into a routine activity versus one done once in a while?

We didn’t have to look far for inspiration. Within our families, there are entrepreneurs owning more than a dozen businesses ranging from a hair salon and hardware store to a specialty paper goods company and construction development firm.  They shared two traits: a passion for their customers and a desire to strengthen their communities.

So we set out to create a platform to showcase good, inspire more good, recognize those who give back, and start a sustainable movement to make the world a better place.

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